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MEDIET4ALL Kick-Off Meeting: overview and work plan establishment for the coming months

The MEDIET4ALL Kick-Off Meeting took place in Mainz from July 3rd to July 6th, 2023. The main objective of the meeting was to have an overview of the project’s development and to establish the MEDIET4ALL work plan for the coming months.

First meeting

Rewinding to July 3-6, 2023, the MEDIET4ALL Kick-Off Meeting in Mainz, hosted by the Institute of Sports Science at Johannes Gutenberg University, was a convergence of innovation and collaboration. Ten partner organizations from eight Euro-Mediterranean countries came together in this vibrant event. 

The meeting opened with a captivating violin interlude, setting a tone of creativity and connection. This was followed by a unique spinning game, an icebreaker that helped partners introduce themselves in an engaging and memorable way. 

Then the project coordinator presented a comprehensive overview of MEDIET4ALL. In this session, we dove into the project’s ambitious goals and its anticipated impacts on policy, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic landscapes. The detailed walkthrough of the work program set a clear path for our collective efforts. 

In each work package session, the air buzzed with discussions on management strategies, establishing clear timelines, defining milestones, and identifying potential risks. These discussions emphasized a structured approach for research, prototyping, and testing phases. Key to these sessions were in-depth deliberations on communication channels, risk management, resource allocation, and quality assurance strategies. 

A pivotal moment was defining the roles and responsibilities of each partner, work package leader and advisory board member, emphasizing the need for effective communication and seamless coordination throughout the project’s lifespan. The highlight of the meeting was the unanimous approval and signing of the final version of the Consortium agreement by all partners, marking a significant leap forward in our journey. 

Beyond work, the event included immersive city tours and a cultural exchange dinner, which not only added a local flavor but also fostered deeper interpersonal connections among partners. 

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with MEDIET4ALL, a project poised to make significant strides in the realm of health and wellness!