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Workshop in Luxembourg: "Les oranges en fête"

Microtarians has organized the  Orange Festival in the MicroAtelier, in Luxembourg on the Kirchberg, in co-operation with the FairItalia association and the European Prima project MEDIET4ALL.


The Orange Festival: Celebrating Citrus Delights

The MicroAtelier in Luxembourg’s Kirchberg area was abuzz with excitement as Microtarians hosted the Orange Festival on the 9th of  December 2023, in collaboration with FairItalia and the European Prima project MEDIET4ALL.

The workshop focused on highlighting the significance of citrus fruits in our diet and exploring both ancient and modern preservation techniques.

Sourcing oranges directly from a small agriturismo in Sicily, Microtarians has curated a delightful selection of products for festival-goers to enjoy, including Sicilian cheese, pistachio cream, and olive oil. Families joined in the fun with workshops and games for the children, while renowned nutritionist and chef Lucie Bonfiglioli treated everyone to a mouthwatering vegetarian fennel and orange paella during a captivating show cooking session.

Community Participation and Research Insights

Microtarians was thrilled to see families and individuals enthusiastically engage in workshops, live cooking demonstrations, and interactive games. It provided a fantastic opportunity for participants to learn, interact, and exchange ideas.

Moreover, the event served as a platform to introduce and test participation in our survey, allowing attendees to contribute valuable insights to our research efforts.


Sharing Knowledge and Gathering Feedback

Overall, the event was a resounding success, underscoring the importance of community engagement and education in promoting healthy eating habits and sustainable lifestyles.

Microtarians extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants and helpers for making the event a success! Special thanks also go to the Riding The Rainbow association for their invaluable support. Emanuele Santi, their esteemed leader, has become our inaugural Premium Member, unlocking a host of exclusive benefits available to our members!