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Diet and Lifestyle

A transnational movement to support the sustainable transition towards a healthy and eco-friendly agri-food system through the promotion of Mediterranean Diet (mediet4all) and its lifestyle in modern society


Implementing best practices and innovative solutions to enhance the convenience, modernity, competitiveness, and shelf life of Mediterranean Diet

MEDIET4ALL (which stands for Mediterranean Diet for All), supported by the PRIMA program, is an innovative European project led by a group of ten partners from eight different nations in the Euro-Mediterranean area. These countries share similar food resources, gastronomic traditions, and face the same challenges regarding accessibility, availability, sustainability, management, and competitiveness in the food sector.

The main ambition of the MEDIET4ALL project is the innovation in sustainable technological solutions for the enhancement of MedLifestyle adherence. Tackling issues from sedentary habits to the consumption of ultra-processed foods, we champion a shift towards the Mediterranean Diet that offer long-term benefits within the context of public health and sustainability.

Mediet4all objectives

Primary goals

Main objectives

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Raise awareness about the health and sustainability benefits of adopting dietary changes towards the Mediterranean Diet.

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Develop guidelines and best practices that meet consumer needs for convenience, modernity, and competitiveness. Our approach maintains the low processing, high nutritional value, and sustainability of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle.

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Encourage healthy food choices, physical activities, and social engagement through an integrative platform and a user-friendly "smart coach" mobile app.

Together, these resources empower individuals to adopt better physical and dietary practices, follow tailored health programs, and embrace the MEDIET lifestyle.

News & Updates

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2nd meeting

The MEDIET4ALL Meeting brought fruitful discussions and project milestones in Valencia.


MEDIET4ALL is launching a survey to explore consumer behaviors towards the Mediterranean Diet.


"MEDIET4ALL Approach to support food waste prevention" during COST Foodwastop Action.


Start June 2023
End May 2026


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