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You are invited to take the MEDIET4ALL survey!

We kindly invite you to participate in our survey to help us understand your adherence to the healthy Mediterranean diet (MEDIET). By understanding your behaviors, preferences, and any barriers you may face in adopting MEDIET, we aim to identify factors such as gender, age, socio-demographic, and cultural aspects that influence MEDIET adherence.

The survey results will guide awareness initiatives to promote MEDIET, and encourage a shift toward healthy and sustainable MEDIET behaviors in collaborating countries.
The survey is available in 7 languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.
It is spread in the eight collaborating countries (Algeria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia) for a period of 2 months, starting in December 2023.

Join the MEDIET4ALL community to contribute to the shift
toward a healthy and sustainable Mediterranean Lifestyle

MEDIET4ALL’s ambition is to support and accelerate the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The transnational movement addresses issues ranging from sedentary habits to the consumption of ultra-processed foods, advocating for a shift towards active physical activities and a nutritious diet, which provide lasting health and sustainability benefits.

MEDIET4ALL aims to engage all end-users, SMEs, innovation clusters in the food industry, and relevant stakeholders, particularly for product-to-market approaches and business model formulation.
This engagement seeks to increase the project's impact through widespread dissemination of outcomes, innovative awareness campaigns, networking, and knowledge transfer.
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Any further questions? Send us an email to [email protected] and learn how you can get involved!